The War on Men
An explosive treatise on the new sexual
dynamic that pervades America:
empowering women by disempowering men.
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"The success of one gender should not be at the expense of another. Thank you, Suzanne, for stepping up to confrontation and for bringing this to light." — Miranda
There’s no glass ceiling. There’s just children and food.
  The leaders of The World Economic Forum, an elite gathering of 2,500 of the world’s corporate, political, entrepreneurial and media leaders, convened in Switzerland last week and announced they have a problem. There are too many men in the group. To remedy it, male CEOs from 10 different companies have joined...
Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Madeleine Albright & the sad sound of feminist desperation
Originally published at Fox News. Click here for video and comments. Ah, the sad sound of feminist desperation—that’s what we heard this past weekend. With Bernie Sanders giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money, feminists have resorted to shame tactics to appeal to women voters. On Friday, Gloria Steinem...
Does America need more Sheryl Sandbergs?
Originally published at  On average, men and women have different strengths and preferences and as a result make different choices. Those choices lead to different lives. According to Facebook COO and new women’s rights activist, Sheryl Sandberg, this is a problem. At The World Economic Forum last week in...
How Hillary Clinton lost her feminist base (and her credibility)
Originally published at Fox News. Click HERE for video and comments. At a campaign event for Hillary Clinton this month in Manchester, N.H., Lena Dunham, creator and star of the HBO series, “Girls” made the following pronouncement: “The way [Hillary Clinton] has been treated is just more evidence of the fact that...
A New Year, A New Book, A New Life
I’m going to become such a better blogger‚ I swear. The problem is that serious, everyday bloggers aren’t usually authors, too. If blogging is your main source of writing, it works. But few authors, particularly when they’re in the midst of writing a book, can blog simultaneously.  Well, perhaps they can if...
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