7 Myths of Working Mothers

Dispelling our most cherished myths about working mothers, Suzanne Venker argues that woman can’t be the boss both at work and at home. Pursuing a full time, demanding career and raising children—particularly young children—are all-consuming tasks. Something’s got to give.

In 7 Myths, Venker fearlessly tackles the most contentious issues of working motherhood: women’s equality, family economics, the notion of “quality time,” women’s guilt and stress, and daycare. In each chapter, she exposes a different myth working mothers depend upon—drawing on extensive research and her own experience as a mother and a teacher.

The result is a powerful case for the link between the problems of today’s children and the absence of mothers from the home.

“Suzanne’s commitment to women, to children, to marriages, to women, is huge.” — Dr. Laura Schlessinger

“Venker brings a disarming dose of common sense to the arguments she forthrightly makes.” — Kate O’Beirne, author, attorney, and former panelist on The Capital Gang

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Source: The Austin Institute

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“Thank you, Suzanne, for having the courage and conviction to be ‘politically incorrect’ in speaking the truth about women, dating and family. You speak for millions of women who don’t have the same courage to stand by what seems like common sense in creating and maintaining a productive society and future generations’ success and prosperity.”
— Michelle

“It is so completely wonderful to hear voices like yours, expressing a truth so many of us know but will never see represented in the mainstream media. Thank you so much for your work, Suzanne.”
— Andrea

“I like what Suzanne Venker has to say. I think women need to really listen to what she’s saying, really listen, and don’t jump to conclusions. She’s not sending us back in time, but forward with a fresh look at who we really are as women.”
— Pamela

“I almost ruined my relationship with my husband when we were dating because of my anti-man attitude. I have now completely converted. Know that you are making a difference!”
— Heather