“…one of the most wise women in this country.”
— Clayton Morris, Fox News host

SUZANNE VENKER is an author and Fox News contributor. She tackles a range of social issues surrounding marriage and the family, including the infamous gender wars. Her most recent book is The Two-Income Trap: Why Parents Are Choosing to Stay Home.

Suzanne’s previous book, The War on Menwas published on the heels of a Fox article of the same name that went viral in November 2012—landing Suzanne a spot on The View, where she bantered about with Mike Tyson while warding off attacks from Whoopi Goldberg. 

In late 2013, Suzanne founded Women for Men, a news and opinion website committed to the needs of boys and men. She is also a trustee at Leading Women for Shared Parenting and is part the commission to establish a White House Council on Boys & Men.

Suzanne has written for various publications, including the New York PostSt. Louis Post-Dispatch,, National Review, Politix and The Daily Caller. Her TV credits include STOSSEL, The View, Fox & Friends,, CNN and C-Span. She has appeared on literally hundreds of radio shows throughout the country. 

Suzanne and her family live in St. Louis, MO.

Some obscure facts about Suzanne

1.  She’s an avid NPR listener, despite the obvious bias.

2.  She’s passionate about end-of-life issues and supports the right-to-die.

3.  Her husband feels as strongly as she does about the topics of her books and articles.

4.  She has never once listened to Rush Limbaugh, but she once spoke with him on the phone and found him perfectly delightful.

5.  She loves to dance to 1970s music and relax to spa music.

6.  She once cleaned toilets at a bed and breakfast as a test-run for becoming the inn manager. It lasted two weeks.

Where is Suzanne Now?


See what people are saying. . .

“With the logical precision of a good trial lawyer, Venker takes on [the myths about staying home] and shows convincingly the fallacy behind each one." — a reader 

“Ms. Venker writes so articulately about the thoughts I've had as a mother but didn't know how to express. She helps us realize there are always repercussions for our choices. We can 'have it all,' but maybe not at the same time. Thank you, Suzanne, for saying what we all need to hear!”
— a reader 

“Thank you, Ms. Venker, for making me feel that what I am doing by staying home is the best thing for my children!”
— a reader  

“The author has decided to cut through the culture's politically correct rhetoric and simply tell it like it is: children want their moms around. Her basic premise is that motherhood has become all about the mother's needs and not about the children's needs.”
— a reader