The Two-Income Trap: Why Parents Are Choosing to Stay Home (eBook)

twoincomtrapDispelling our most cherished myths about work-family balance, bestselling author and Fox News contributor Suzanne Venker argues in The Two-Income Trap that raising children is a full-time job, one that dramatically alters the paths women were on prior to becoming mothers. Thus, being a top professional and a fully engaged parent simultaneously is impossible. The endless demands of children simply don’t allow women the freedom to dedicate themselves fully to something else.

That does not mean mothers with career aspirations are doomed to a life of domesticity. Women who want to be successful at work and at home can be, but not if they follow the cultural script feminists have laid out for women.

To achieve their goal, women must do two things. One: accept that the choice to have children will result in the need to curb one’s ambitions (this is true for fathers as well as for mothers). Two: plan ahead for the seasons of a woman’s life by making purposeful choices about where to live, whom to marry and which types of careers work well alongside motherhood.

Drawing on extensive research and her own experience as a mother and former educator, Venker fearlessly tackles the most contentious issues of work-family conflict: feminism, economics, quality time vs. quantity time, mommy guilt and daycare. The result is a powerful argument for sequencing one’s life so women can reap the rewards that come from staying home for what amounts to a very short period in their lives.


“Ms. Venker’s contribution to humanity, to families, to marriages, to women is huge. In a way, it is sad that she’s got to argue points to prove what ought to be a “given.” On the other hand, her arguments are beautifully crafted and right on target for today’s anti-childrearing atmosphere. My hope for you, the reader, is that after you read this book, you will be unwavering in your commitment to do the right thing, and reap the incredible rewards.”

— Dr. Laura Schlessinger, “Dr. Laura”

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