D.C. McAllister on The Alpha Female’s Guide

February 10, 2017

D.C. McAllister on The Alpha Female’s Guide

3D book cover_2Reading Suzanne Venker’s The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage is like sitting on the couch with a wise friend, sipping a cup of tea, and soaking in her sage advice about how to be a better wife. She’s warm, funny, conversational, compassionate, practical, and unapologetically honest.

Venker is an author and cultural critic who treads where few women dare to go: confronting other type-A women about how they can save their marriages from feminist hell. She doesn’t care about being politically correct. Instead, her advice is rooted in common sense and life experience.

With charm and wit, she pushes the envelope women have squeezed themselves into by advising them to do things the popular culture shuns: serving instead of leading, accepting men as they are, respecting their husbands, letting men take the lead in the male-female dance, shutting up for once and actually listening to what men have to say, having sex with their husbands even when they don’t feel like it, and probably one of the hardest things for all alpha females to do—unshackling their inner beta.

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  • E. H.

    I read Ms. Venker’s comments on Fox News regarding her new book. I was impressed with her insight into the traditional marriage dynamic. And I hope I haven’t read more into her column than what she wrote, but it seems to me that, in secular terms, she was paraphrasing Ephesians 5:22.

    February 10, 2017 at 6:55 pm
  • Frank Ladwig

    I just read the excerpt of your new book and I am astounded at the clarity and fearlessness of your writing. Wow.
    My wife, the love of my life for 47 years, just passed away and she could have written this book because it is the story of our lives and amazing marriage. We were devoted to each other and lived our lives as God made us man and woman.
    Now, of course I miss her tremendously and I’m afraid that I will never have another relationship because I am spoiled. I only know how to love without reservation and to be loved the same way. I only thank God for almost 50 blissful years. God blessed her with the ability to forsake the nonsense in our culture about womanhood and to become a complete healthy woman. She was sought out by her friends for advice on marriage.

    Thank you for writing this book. It is a Godsend.

    February 10, 2017 at 1:23 pm

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