WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about The Alpha Female’s Guide

February 24, 2017

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about The Alpha Female’s Guide

“I wanted to personally thank you for writing The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage. It is single-handedly responsible for not only saving my marriage but returning my relationship with my husband back to the way it was when we first started dating. I am naturally an alpha female and combined with a military husband who is frequently gone, I didn’t even realize that I had completely stopped being all things feminine because I was so used to being the boss! Your book openly clarified the many mistakes I’ve been making in a relatable way and once implemented, changed my marriage overnight.” — Lacey

“My women’s lib era mom told me to be Alpha. It took me years of knocking that notion out of my head to be successful in relationships. Good for the workplace? Yes. Good for personal life? Heck no!” — Linda

“Suzanne’s book offers a brilliant relationship solution for alpha females…alpha by day, beta by night!  I do believe that by embracing our inner beta at home, we will find happier, more fulfilling relationships. It makes perfect sense!” — Laura

“I am an active duty military career woman in a very male dominated field and I absolutely loved this book!!!!”— “Melococo”

“I can honestly say I didn’t think this book would be relevant to me. I have a good marriage, I don’t think of myself as being particularly alpha, and I certainly have never worn a pair of red stilettos in my life! My husband read bits of it and kept making comments about how insightful it was. I was seeing that this book struck a chord with him and so I was intrigued and decided to jump in. And what do you know? I learned loads about myself. By putting some of her very basic suggestions into practice, I could practically feel myself relax in myself and in my relationship with my husband. I don’t know how she has done it, but Suzanne Venker has managed to get into the inner workings of the masculine and feminine heart and mind and showed us how to clean out the grit that so often clogs up what should be a beautiful complementary dance.” — Anna from Ireland

“Now that I’ve finished reading The Alpha Female’s Guide, I recognize this issue as one of the main ingredients in the relationship problems of my female friends.” — Irene

“I’ve read every popular and poor academic book on relationships and happiness and Suzanne’s is by far the most concise and clear. Her writing is amazingly good! You will find every possible answered in there, for sure, but I would add one thing: you have to start with the wish to improve your marriage, NOT your husband. Have an open mind, and you will succeed. Good luck!” — a reader

“Bring an alpha wife is not fun, for my husband or for me. But I do thank you for making me realize that I AM AN ALPHA WOMAN. It’s funny for me how a simple quiz made me find the answer why I’m always disappointed with my husband’s actions. Now I know he’s not the problem. I am.” — Gloria

“As an alpha male with a beta countenance, I laughed out loud at some sections and teared up on others. My God, it all rang so true. Both my ex and I were ‘broken,’ tragically, early in our respective childhoods, and it made us a certain way. Your work has intrigued me for some time now—insightful, countercultural and intuitive, courageous in many ways.”— Dave

“I love all of your advice. It’s has been tremendously helpful to my marriage. I am most surprised at how such a stubborn woman is actually able to “let go”—me being the stubborn woman. You are the best example of a wife I know, without question. And the fact that you spell it all out for me is huge. Huge.” — Katie

“As an alpha female formerly married to a beta male (but always wishing he would step up to take more control so I didn’t have to), your premise is very relevant to me. I have also noticed that modern feminism seems to emasculate men, which is the opposite of what most women seek and find attractive. When I first heard about the content of your book, I thought to myself, “Oh my God, I need to read this!” Can’t wait!” — Laura

“Ok, I just took the quiz. Are surprised that I’m an alpha? I didn’t know to what degree. OMG! I’m the world’s worst wife. February can’t get here soon enough! LOL. I even cooked this weekend. I haven’t done that in a very, very long time.” —Lynette

“Just wanted to tell you I’m really appreciating the messages and lessons you send. I’m applying them to my marriage. Silly example, the other day I realized that my husband wants to drive the car when we are both in it for a reason. I usually thought it was a bit patriarchal/ patronizing for him to always insist on driving. Now I see it in a different light. Thank you!!” — Ana

“Love this. I think instinctually we know that you can’t have two alphas or two betas. I’ve always known that I am a beta, and I have no problem with it. My husband’s last marriage was two alphas and by his own description it was like that movie, The War of the Roses.” — Kathy

“Thank you for speaking about these things in a light that reminds me how truly empowering it is to embrace the unique gift of femininity. I am not a man, and I don’t have to behave like one to have value.” — Katie

“Women don’t marry down; they marry up. If we have a culture of successful women and unsuccessful men, we have a culture of single humans. Most women are completely oblivious to the fact that they have become alpha females and are constantly confused as to why men don’t want them.”  — a male reader

“Your last two or three newsletters have been so eerily spot-on that I think you have a telescope into my marriage!” — David

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