How to Choose a Husband

America is single.

It’s divorced, under committed, and hopelessly out of touch with monogamy. Why? Because since the day they were born, the modern generation has been taught to postpone marriage indefinitely or ignore it altogether, as though marriage has no bearing on their happiness. As though it were a nice idea, or nice accompaniment, to an otherwise satisfying life.

But if flying solo is so great, why are people on their lunch breaks and eHarmony-ing on the subway ride home? Why are women standing in the grocery aisles hoping to bring home a husband rather than a head of lettuce?

Sure, being single is fun—for a while. But most people don’t want to stay single forever. Men and women are irrevocably drawn to one another. Since the beginning of time, this attraction has been the driving force of our survival as a species—and until recent decades, has almost always resulted in lasting marriage.

In How to Choose a Husband, author Suzanne Venker tells the truth we’re all trying to ignore: Americans don’t know what it takes to get—and stay—married.

A one-time divorcée, Venker has been happily remarried for fifteen years and has two children, ages 10 and 13. And she has a message for the women of America: choosing the right husband is the single most important decision you’ll make in your lifetime. It will measure the flow of your days, be the determiner of your children’s well-being, even color your view of the world. You will take a good marriage or a bad marriage with you everywhere you go. It is the barometer for everything else you do. 

With that in mind, consider all the time and energy you’ve spent preparing for and/or pursuing a career. Now imagine if you spent even half that time and energy preparing to become a wife. You know, like women used to do.

Sound crazy? Silly? Something only our grandmothers did? Perhaps. But our grandmothers found husbands and kept them.

Have you?

“Without being preachy or prim, Suzanne Venker makes a compelling case against hooking up, shacking up, postponing motherhood, or making your career the center of your life. She even extols femininity, domesticity, and the joy of being—get ready—a considerate and solicitous wife to a good man. It is a delightful and subversive book that will spare women a lot of heartache.”

– Christina Hoff Sommers, bestselling author of Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women

“Any young woman would benefit from Suzanne Venker’s practical, hardheaded advice on love, marriage and sex.”

– James Taranto, The Wall Street Journal

How to Choose a Husband is not only fact-filled and fast-paced, with specific instructions on how to choose a man, it may likely have women doing a quick U-turn regarding their futures.”

— Doris Wild Helmering, noted author and marriage counselor
Where is Suzanne Now?


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“Your insight is overshadowed only by your writing.”— Stephanie

“When I look back on my life, I wish someone had told me the things that are in Suzanne Venker’s books.”
— Karie

“You’re fighting for family and I’m on your side! You battle with wit, intelligence and most of all grace. Keep doing what you’re doing, Suzanne. You have my admiration and unwavering support!” — Sean

“You are very good at making yourself vulnerable in your writing, and it makes the writing very worthwhile.”
— Betsy