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"The success of one gender should not be at the expense of another. Thank you, Suzanne, for stepping up to confrontation and for bringing this to light." — Miranda
Interview with Suzanne Venker
Whenever I write a book or an article, I brace myself for the hostile reactions I know will come my way. I didn’t start out doing this, but I don’t think I’ve ever written anything that didn’t spark a backlash of sorts. I thought this interview would pacify my naysayers...
Staying home with one’s kids “is not a choice we want Americans to make.”
President Obama recently let slip what he really thinks of the nuclear family. Speaking in Rhode Island just before the mid-term elections, he said, “Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result....
The Nature of the Game: Gender Roles in Modern Marriage
Once upon a time, women complained men had only one job: to make money. So women said, “Wait a minute, I want to do that. Raising children and doing housework sucks.” Men weren’t the ones complaining about the arrangement—not because they had the better end of the deal, as feminists said, but...
The ‘Luxury’ of At-Home Motherhood
Ever since staying home with children became considered a perk of the rich, I’ve recoiled at the term “luxury”— which is so often used to describe today’s one-income family. I think about all the women I know, and even those I don’t, who make great sacrifices to have a parent at...
A man’s sperm is NOT his sole contribution to children, families and society
Several weeks ago Fox’s popular afternoon program, The Five, discussed Katy Perry’s childish and stupid remark that she doesn’t need a “dude” to have a baby—mirroring a similar remark Jennifer Aniston made back in 2010. In response, Kimberly Guilfoyle said, “I’m hoping she’s trying to say it in a way that’s...
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See what people are saying. . .

“Thank you, Suzanne, for having the courage and conviction to be ‘politically incorrect’ in speaking the truth about women, dating and family. You speak for millions of women who don’t have the same courage to stand by what seems like common sense in creating and maintaining a productive society and future generations’ success and prosperity.”
— Michelle

“It is so completely wonderful to hear voices like yours, expressing a truth so many of us know but will never see represented in the mainstream media. Thank you so much for your work, Suzanne.”
— Andrea

“I like what Suzanne Venker has to say. I think women need to really listen to what she’s saying, really listen, and don’t jump to conclusions. She’s not sending us back in time, but forward with a fresh look at who we really are as women.”
— Pamela

“I almost ruined my relationship with my husband when we were dating because of my anti-man attitude. I have now completely converted. Know that you are making a difference!”
— Heather