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"The success of one gender should not be at the expense of another. Thank you, Suzanne, for stepping up to confrontation and for bringing this to light." — Miranda
Interview with Suzanne Venker
Whenever I write a book or an article, I brace myself for the hostile reactions I know will come my way. That’s the price one pays for speaking the truth in a culture that prefers we lie. I thought this interview would pacify my naysayers since they always seem to hurl...
Williams College, Feminism and Free Speech: My Response to the Response
The response to last week’s Williams College debacle—my being invited, uninvited, and then re-invited to the university to speak on behalf of its ‘Uncomfortable Learning Speaking Series’—was huge. It was also overwhelmingly positive, including the emails that came pouring in. I could barely keep up. I believe the nature of the response is due to...
Article response to the Williams College debacle
CNN“Why Williams College Disinvited Critic of Feminism”Wall Street Journal “Notable & Quotable: Unfree Speech on Campus”The Washington Post“Suzanne Venker is unwelcome at Williams College”Forbes“Getting Intellectual Diversity on Campus”Breitbart“Williams College Group Disinvites Conservative Speaker After Protests”The Washington Post“Second Thoughts on Disinviting Suzanne Venker at Williams”Hot Air“End of Discussion: Feminism-critiquing speech canceled at...
The Williams College Speech I Didn’t Give
Good evening. I’d like to begin by talking about what it means to be truly educated. An education rests upon an exchange of ideas. It requires a free mind, one that is not swayed by groupthink.Groupthink, or being told what to think rather than how to think, undermines the purpose...
Williams College’s ‘Uncomfortable Learning’ speaker series dropped me. Why?
PUBLISHED TODAY AT FOX NEWS…For the past two months, I’ve been preparing a speech for my upcoming visit to Williams College in Massachusetts. The purpose of this program, or “club,” is to provide intellectual diversity in an atmosphere in which debate is heavily influenced by left-leaning scholars.“There is no learning without...
Oh, What Loathsome Liberal Bias
Gun control is not an issue I choose to take up (though for what it’s worth, anyone who thinks guns are the problem when it comes to kids who kill has his head in the sand), but liberal bias is. That is a subject I know intimately.So I couldn’t help but break...
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“Your insight is overshadowed only by your writing.”— Stephanie

“When I look back on my life, I wish someone had told me the things that are in Suzanne Venker’s books.”
— Karie

“You’re fighting for family and I’m on your side! You battle with wit, intelligence and most of all grace. Keep doing what you’re doing, Suzanne. You have my admiration and unwavering support!” — Sean

“You are very good at making yourself vulnerable in your writing, and it makes the writing very worthwhile.”
— Betsy