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“Our conversation with Suzanne Venker generated an avalanche of comments on our website, more than we’ve ever had on a single topic on this program.”— Anthony Brooks, NPR’s Radio Boston

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Over the past four decades, America has witnessed a profound change in gender relations—specifically, in women’s attitude toward men. In the span of a few short decades, Americans have managed to demote men from respected providers and protectors of the family to superfluous buffoons.

To end the battle of the sexes, America must adopt the mantra “equal, but different.” Men and women have been equally blessed with unique qualities that they each bring to the table. Isn’t it time we stopped fussing about who brought what and just enjoy the feast? 

FLIPSIDE_OF_FEMINISMSince the 1960s, feminists have set themselves up as the arbiters of all things female. Their policies dominate the social and political landscape. Consequently, everything Americans know—or think they know—about marriage, kids, sex, education, politics, gender roles, and work/family balance, gets filtered through a left-wing lens. But what if conservative women are in the best position to empower American women?

The Flipside of Feminism provides readers with a new view of women, one that runs counter to what Americans have been conditioned to believe. Its confident and rational approach to gender politics is precisely what America needs.

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“With the logical precision of a good trial lawyer, Venker takes on [the myths about staying home] and shows convincingly the fallacy behind each one." — a reader 

“Ms. Venker writes so articulately about the thoughts I've had as a mother but didn't know how to express. She helps us realize there are always repercussions for our choices. We can 'have it all,' but maybe not at the same time. Thank you, Suzanne, for saying what we all need to hear!”
— a reader 

“Thank you, Ms. Venker, for making me feel that what I am doing by staying home is the best thing for my children!”
— a reader  

“The author has decided to cut through the culture's politically correct rhetoric and simply tell it like it is: children want their moms around. Her basic premise is that motherhood has become all about the mother's needs and not about the children's needs.”
— a reader