“Suzanne Venker is terrific in every way. Thoughtful. Unpredictable. Willing to challenge ideas that needed to be challenged. And wise to remain silent when the mob began to descend. Suzanne can hold on her own when outnumbered far better than Bob Beckel ever could!”-Bill Mattox

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Suzanne speaks at political events and to church groups (from a secular angle) about various issues related to marriage and the family. Suzanne’s primary argument is that our postfeminist culture replaces dependence on a husband to dependence on Uncle Sam and ignores the myriad of differences between the sexes. Neither moves America in the right direction or helps men and women find lasting love.

Sample topics include:

  1. What Feminism Really Is and Why Its Ideology Is Harmful
  2. The War on Men
  3. From Lasting Love to Hook-Ups: The Skinny on Sex in America
  4. Why Having Enough Is Having It All

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“With the logical precision of a good trial lawyer, Venker takes on [the myths about staying home] and shows convincingly the fallacy behind each one." — a reader 

“Ms. Venker writes so articulately about the thoughts I've had as a mother but didn't know how to express. She helps us realize there are always repercussions for our choices. We can 'have it all,' but maybe not at the same time. Thank you, Suzanne, for saying what we all need to hear!”
— a reader 

“Thank you, Ms. Venker, for making me feel that what I am doing by staying home is the best thing for my children!”
— a reader  

“The author has decided to cut through the culture's politically correct rhetoric and simply tell it like it is: children want their moms around. Her basic premise is that motherhood has become all about the mother's needs and not about the children's needs.”
— a reader