The War on Men (eBook only)

“I used to think the war on men was an exaggeration. I don’t think so anymore.”—Margaret Wente, columnist

Over the last four decades, America has witnessed a profound change in marriage and gender relations. This was, of course, inevitable. Women today live longer lives than ever and simultaneously have fewer children. As a result, they pursue independence in a way that was previ­ously unimaginable. In addition, technological advances and an economic boom (recent years notwithstanding) have changed the way people live, work, and communicate.

But of all the changes that have occurred, it is modern feminism—with its relentless talk of hapless housewives, female empowerment, and gender role reversal—that has severed the bond between the sexes, pitting men and women against one another.

It’s time to say what no one else will: the sexual revolution was a disaster. Men today have no respect for women and vice versa. Marriage has turned into a competition rather than a partnership. Dating is defunct and any reference to gender differences it met with skepticism or outright derision.

To end the war on men, women must stop clamoring for something we already have—and have had for quite some time: equality. They must adopt the mantra “equal, but different.” Men and women have been equally blessed with amazing and unique qualities that each brings to the table.

Isn’t it time we stopped fussing about who brought what and just enjoy the feast?

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“Thank you, Suzanne, for having the courage and conviction to be ‘politically incorrect’ in speaking the truth about women, dating and family. You speak for millions of women who don’t have the same courage to stand by what seems like common sense in creating and maintaining a productive society and future generations’ success and prosperity.”
— Michelle

“It is so completely wonderful to hear voices like yours, expressing a truth so many of us know but will never see represented in the mainstream media. Thank you so much for your work, Suzanne.”
— Andrea

“I like what Suzanne Venker has to say. I think women need to really listen to what she’s saying, really listen, and don’t jump to conclusions. She’s not sending us back in time, but forward with a fresh look at who we really are as women.”
— Pamela

“I almost ruined my relationship with my husband when we were dating because of my anti-man attitude. I have now completely converted. Know that you are making a difference!”
— Heather
Embrace truth, not trends.
~ Suzanne Venker